Influence Marketing, 5 things you have to know.

Influence Marketing is being more and more recognized by Brands and experts as a crucial factor in the succeeding of a brand strategy.

A panel of social media marketing experts (Mark Fidelman, Ekaterina Walter, Chris Heuer and Sam Fiorella) identified The 10 Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns of the Year,

10 creative and results-driven campaigns that show how brands can adapt to the new marketing landscape”.

So, what can communication and marketing managers learn from these cool lessons about incorporating influence marketing into a brands communication mix?

1. The success of a campaign is directly impacted by key social influencers sharing their genuine experiences across social media channels.

2. Influencers can help Brands creating experiences that would capture the attention of their own audiences.

3. Rewarding top brand fans and consolidating the relationships can make a measurable impact on your popularity. Done correctly, the fans who love your brand become mini-celebrities in their own right and can move the sales needle.

4. The right balance between social outreach and in-person events is key to building the strongest community possible.

5. Effective campaigns require the involvement of influencers active and engaging on targeted topic.

We are sure these 10 Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns of the Year will inspire your strategies: convince and involve influent users in the amplification of messages is a winning strategy in a communication system that rewards authenticity and transparency, that encourages connecting and engaging more than shocking and persuading.

So the question remains the same: how can you identify the right people to involve, those users that will be influent towards that market niche or audience segment you want to reach?

Well, our technologies can offer you the solution. Have a look at our services!