Top 10 usage scenarios of Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing is a current buzzword in digital marketing practices.

A lot of people say that engaging influencers in their marketing activities is a must-have, but what are the applications of an Influence Marketing strategy?

There are many applications where the influencers can be the goal or can play the role of the message amplifier to reach the target audience. Applications go from a straightforward visibility issue to increasing sales and receiving inputs for product development.

Top 10 usage scenarios of Influence Marketing strategies are listed below:

  • to gain trust from that part of target audience you wouldn’t be able to attract directly: people trust more their peers recommendations than brand advs
  • to sway the purchasing decisions of your target audience
  • to have lists of people to invite to events
  • to know the key people within your market sector
  • to have your product/service tested by authoritative and expert people
  • to drive traffic to your website / blog
  • to gain advantage on your competitors getting the influencers on your side before they do
  • to increase your SEO
  • to increase your own social influence
  • to gain insights by influential people on future product development

These scenario have been listed according to our experience. And what about you?

Which are the most important applications of Influence Marketing for you? Do you think there are still more?

Let us know!