5 tips for successful Influencers’ Engagement

Influencer Marketing is the activity of leveraging on influential people to spread the brand voice over social media and beyond. The influencers have the great advantage to have a loyal audience that trusts their opinions, ideas on specific topics and is therefore sensitive to the influencer’s recommendations and feedbacks.

Besides the identification of specific objectives, an influencer marketing campaign starts with the identification of the most effective influencers and then move to the engagement of these influencers with the final aim, for example, to create brand awareness, launch a product, boost an event, build and consolidate a community.

But, whatever your project is, there are some key tips you need to follow to drive your campaign straightforward to reach your targets. There are two pillars on which all your campaign success is based and around which the recommended tips are built:

        • Relationships
        • Content

Your efforts should aim at fostering the rise of a genuine relationship between your brand and the influencers and provide the influencer with a very valuable content to make him genuinely support your brand project. The 5 tips for a successful influencer marketing are:

5 tips for successful Influencers' Engagement Start approaching the influencers only after you have deeply studied who they are, where they have their social media presence, the demographics and related topics of interests of the audience they engage with, what their recent posts are and see if you can easily create a connection between the influencer position and your brand project.

Start following them, but then move to engage with the influencers’ content consistent with your position and, if this is possible, reinforce their credibility within their audience. In this first phase, avoid instinctive actions and reactions, be very sensitive to understand the influencer’s profile… focus on him/her and not on you, changing the perspective of the traditional marketing practices, and being prepared to give before to get!

The core of this valuable relationship between the influencer and its audience relies on the “content” the influencer produces, shares and recommends. The key to succeed in entering into this influencer-audience exclusive relationship relies on the production of a very high-quality content to provide the influencer with for his audience and to Fire-up Passion & commitment! The influencer is keen on providing his/her audience with valuable content and knows his/her audience likes and dislikes, but you don’t: an analysis of the influencer’s impacted community is therefore crucial for your engagement strategy. The influencer should be convinced about the brand on its project quality and the story that your Brand wishes to tell should be designed with the following purposes:

        • Attract the influencer’s attention
        • Excite the influencer’s audience

One word only: High quality Customised Content. Avoid pre-formatted and standard content and messages. A good example is to start from the influencers’ correlated topic of interests and his/her audience’s. As an example we like to refer to Ford successful campaign for the Focus Global Test drive, when Scott Monty worked for the Brand and reported by Mike Stelzner in Social Media Examiner. Ford created 20 customised videos for each one of the 20 influencers they wanted to invite to the Barcelona event, starting from their correlated topic of interest, e.g. sport. The influencers appreciated the videos and soon shared them with their audience contributing to the campaign success! As you can easily understand, the engagement with the influencer is built overtime, but once you have built it, there are all the pillars for a long-term relationships you should continue to keep it alive to valorise your investment and to consolidate results.