We are in Collider, the UK #1 accelerator for MadTech startups

FIndTheRipple , the brand new web platform for influence marketing, has just started its journey with Collider, the #1 accelerator in UK that supports technology startups which help brands understand, engage with and sell to customers.

We were successfully selected among 35 promising start-ups: Collider betted on us with their investors’ money and their great go-to-market support, that is Collider’s greatest added-value.

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Everyone knows how much money is important for start-ups and Collider investors are providing us with, of course!

But we know how much a 360° guidance and concrete go-to-market opportunities are necessary to turn us from a startup into a business.

If you get millions of pounds and your product is great, but you don’t have the right boost to market you are like the one having a treasure chest, but not the keys to open it.

This is why we are really enthusiastic to be in Collider and proud they believed in us: activities were launched at early January and we already learned so many things and gained some first opportunities to match the market!

The tutors and investors are very smart and together with the great brands cooperating with the program, they all challenge you everyday and move rapidly into the heart of how things really go in our potential market.