Social Media Influencers: from brand advocates to leading voices to anticipate trends

Needless to say, in the last 2 years web influencers have become an effective way for marketers to stand out the crowd and gain their targeted consumers’ trust. 
But, what can marketers do to create unique content and experiences to attract their target audience’s attention in today’s social media?
They can leverage on their brilliant creativity, but all the rest is almost left to luck! They can trust good reports to learn more about what was trending “yesterday” among their target audience, or get basic stats on undefined communities on social media. But then they still need to “guess” what will be trending in their targeted audience.

What if their brilliant creativity could build on some prediction of what is just beginning to trend in their specific target audience?

Once again, the solution can come from influencers, that are an incredible source to understand:

  • the brand’s target audience or market
  • what are the conversations, topics and stories that are going to be trending within this audience.
This is all about: predictive analytics.
This is what FindTheRipple technology does, starting from an analysis of influencers conversations and relationships.
An example:
Your brand’s targeting UK millennials.
Two days ago, FindTheRipple dashboard customised on UK millennials, reported that one of the trending topics among Uk millennials was #guardiansofthegalaxy.
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If only you could have had this info while this trend was rising, your content creation effort could have focused on that, thus surfing the trend before it broke!
Hitting directly to the heart of your audience, being where they were!
This is basically what every social media manager, marketer or editor should do, to optimize the creative effort, leaving less up to chance and more up to opportunity!