Today’s marketing secret sauce: make it timely, relevant and data-driven

Today Marketers see the benefit of doing real-time and moment marketing. Their ROI can be definitely higher if they are based on a data-driven approach.

Real-time and moment marketing are the forefront of marketing practices. According to a Censuswide/TWTY reasearch, the moment marketing spend is set to explode in the UK in 2016. 67% of UK digital marketers are expected to increase the amount of spend allocated to moment marketing, now accounting for 23% of their digital budgets.

TIP 1 – Reacting in a timely manner

The difference between the two marketing practices is in timing: real-time marketing implies reacting “on-the-fly” to events that matter. Everyone in the marketing industry knows that ’Oreo tweet‘ at 2013’s Superbowl.

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’Moment marketing’ is the practice of delivering content ‘at the right time’ and not necessarily ‘on-the-fly.’

In this case, the content delivered by Marketers can have been created some days before and delivered when the cultural, political, sport, event,- like the Superbowl – occurs.

In both cases, the key to success is in identifying the events and reacting in a timely manner.

TIP 2 – Be relevant to the target audience’s interest

But still, Marketers need to stand out of the crowd. Reacting promptly to a list of planned events is not enough to really strike their consumers’ attention. The competition will probably do the same or, the event might not be really interesting for their target audience.

Marketers should identify those events that are relevant to the target audience and then react with a piece of content, advertising or product placement in a promptly manner.

This implies also going beyond planned events.

Social media is the ideal place to identify these events and then react to them interacting with consumers in real-time and at the right time.

Consumers drive the trends in these media. So, social media works for brands as an always-on focus group. There are plenty of conversations running on social media around topics and events constantly. Some of these are totally unplanned and can be a real opportunity for Marketers.

TIP 3 – Use a data-driven approach

The identification of the events relevant to the target audience requires a data-driven approach.

As long as more brands are embracing real-time and moment marketing practices, the difference lies in the use of tools and methodologies that allow Marketers to know as earlier as possible which are these events.


It’s clear that the success of these practices depends on knowing as earlier as possible which are the events that are going to trend in a specific target audience in order to get prepared for an effective reaction.

“Only 15% of Marketers can respond within 10 minutes”
– Censuswide/TWTY reasearch –

This is the reason why, FindTheRipple has applied predictive analytics techniques to social media content analysis and user behaviour.

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FindTheRipple real-time platform: Predictions of content that will be trending among UK music lovers

Predictions are made starting from an identification of the target audience – based on people relationships and around topics of conversations and interest – and then are based on an analysis of how the information flows within this community taking into consideration the role of influencers in the creation and acceleration of trends.

Our real-time platform gives Marketers the possibility to forecast topic trends earlier and uncover the events, topics, conversations and stories that matter to their target audience before they peak.

Marketers can therefore benefits of more time to focus on creativity, create engaging branded content, and maximise impact and ROI, while addressing their efforts and budget on the right content and media.