Unilever and FindTheRipple: a success case to pioneer the future of marketing!

Easter break is over. Ready to get some insights from the MadTech event of the year?

Last 22nd March at the DigitasLBi in London the Collider start ups 2016 took the stage for their MadTech Demo Day.

Last year we were on stage pitching our business and we will never forget how incredibly amazing that moment has been.

This year, FindTheRipple co-founder Gianluca Angelici was honoured to be on stage with Jeremy Basset, Head of Unilever Foundry to talk about how big corps can successfully cooperate with start ups.

From last year to … this year … this already unveils something about how amazing and fast a start up journey can be!

Jeremy told the story of how Unilever faced the future creating a dedicated organisation – The Unilever Foundry – to foster a fruitful collaboration with start ups 3.0. Among the success factors: the cooperation with top accelerators like Collider and the mentorship model. These tools can turn a mentorship into a successful pilot like it happened to FindTheRipple.

Gianluca then described how the collaboration happened: “It was last year when in a speed dating session organized by Collider we met the marketing Director BB Savoury at Unilever, who appreciated our concept and decided to mentor us.

During 12 weeks of mentorship he challenged us and gave us precious inputs and feedback about their needs. We evolved our solution, creating the first real-time platform that predicts viral stories and trending topics in a target audience.

Then we had the chance to pitch to Pot Noodle, they loved our solution and decided to make a pilot for their campaign of 2016 using our technology for a deep understanding of their audience.”

Gianluca concluded with some main takeaways of this exciting pilot with Unilever:

  • a challenging mentorship is an exciting experience for a mutual growth;
  • open-mindedness is a must – the product is meant for the market and not for the startup founders!

2 other big brands and 2 amazing start ups took the stage to tell their stories each one focusing on a specific aspect. Haymarket Consumer Media Managing Director David Prasher and Daivd Szabo from Momentum showed the mutual value of working with a start up that is still working out their product and Exterion Media Director of Partnerships, Dan Cresta and Emily Forbes, founder of the award winning startup Seenit retraced the amazing journey of a start up from the start with Collider to now.Thefoundry_logo_1

The 3 experiences are different, but they all analyse different aspects of the same story. The journey to build the future needs collaboration, a challenging attitude and open-minded self-analysis: there is no future and no progress without the will to learn and the skill to call your ideas and plans into question.

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