Will Italian Open 2016 overtake last year results?

The Italian Open 2016 has just finished and we really hope that it equalled and overtook the success of the previous year that clearly emerged from the study commissioned by the Federazione Italiana Tennis (FIT) and Coni to Ernst and Young and LUISS research centre X.ITE (X.Insight Technology Enhanced).

The study assesses the reputational and socio economic impact of the Italian Open 2015.

FindTheRipple participated to the study providing the quali-quantitative assessment of the reputational impact of the Italian Open 2015 popularity and perception on social media, benchmarking it with the Roland Garros and Mutua Madrid Open.

FindTheRipple technology analysed Twitter data for the 3 events, focusing on the role of the influencers and analysing how the communication spread across their network.

Our study confirms the same outputs of the economic assessment: the Italian Open 2015 reputational impact on social media was relevant, nonetheless there is still a huge growth opportunity.

In 2015 the Italian Open generated 95.794 tweets that is a great result if we compared it to other national events like the Design Week Milan 2016, the Rome Marathon and the 6 Nations Championship Italian events. But it still underperforms if compared to the Roland Garros (1.034.666 Tweets). For sure, the Roland Garros is a Grand Slam event, but we think that the Italian Open could realistically outperform the Mutua Madrid Open that generated 111.034 Tweets. Indeed:

  • the popularity of #IBI15 exceeds the popularity of #MMOPEN15: 71.626 Tweets containing #IBI15 vs. 62.591 Tweets containing #MMOPEN15
  • the average engagement per tweet created by the official account of the Italian Open – @InteBNLdItalia – outperforms @mutuamadridopen’s average engagement per tweet.

Our insights provides some possible tips to boost the social media strategy of the next years:

  • address the international audience intensifying the official account communication in English. The account @rolandgarros produced 68,8% tweets in English whereas only 7,5% tweets produced by @InteBNLdItalia are in English language;
  • play with the association with the location “Rome” as the analysis identified a stronger association between the Italian event image and the city of Rome than between the Roland Garros and Paris;
  • further involve influencers. Out of 695 Italian influencers on the topic Tennis that we identified, 312 participated to the conversations. The return created by a Tweet posted by an influencer or where an influencer is mentioned is high: the Italian singer and tennis lover Manuela Dolcenera got 456 reactions (retweets/replies/likes) to one single tweet.

The secret sauce we recommend to hit it big? To leverage in moment marketing activities,i.e building content on the topics that are gaining relevance within the target audience. These practices have proven to be successful to engage with the audience during events. We trust they would lead to exceed @rolandgarros average engagement per tweet (167 including retweets/replies/likes) and, why not? Build a new Oreo Case for a European sport event!

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