3 tips for a winning content marketing strategy

Content marketing is acknowledged as one of the most powerful marketing techniques to attract a brand’s target audience. Despite its many benefits, according to the CMI, only 42% of firms believe they have a good content marketing strategy.

1. Be their friend, not their seller. 

nestlé kitchensWhile watching TV, reading a magazine or simply on a tube journey, customers are surrounded by messages pushing them to buy products, presenting them as the “best” or “cheapest” option. Social media platforms are jaded with advertisements and consumers have developed a mental barrier to filter all of the messages they receive and move advertisements to the spam folder of their memory.
To overcome the competition and stand out from the clutter, content marketers should position themselves as trustworthy advisors, able to create catchy and interesting content, relevant to their target audience.

Nestle Kitchens is the perfect example of a well-crafted content marketing strategy, tailored at occasional foodies and busy but health conscious individuals.

2. Be there where they need you.

The second pillar of an effective content marketing strategy consists of selecting the most suitable media type, in order to be present where the target is.
A good marketer should always keep an eye on new trends in popular media types.  Make sure not to lose any opportunity.

Although Facebook, Twitter and Instagram lead the industry, brands targeting young consumers should acknowledge the growing importance of the likes of Snapchat and many others, in order to share content.

Some inspiration to implement a content marketing strategy on snapchat…


Thanks to this Snapchat campaign, McDonald’s was able to successfully be where its customers wanted as well as raise its brand awareness.

Moreover, customers following the brand on Snapchat felt “special” as they had access to exclusive content. Just like that feeling when your friend sends a picture just to you.

3. Be there when they need you.

Timing is essential in a good marketing strategy. It is important to give continuity to consumers, to let them know that they can rely on the company to gather information.

In order to target that perfect moment, an integrated multichannel strategy should be adopted together with the creation of prompt and timely content.

Real-time marketing: the most effective strategy based on the 3 tips.

specsaversImplementing the innovative real-time marketing strategy is undoubtedly the best way to achieve a winning and timely strategy, following the 3 tips. (Read article about real-time marketing to know more).

Here we can see a perfect example of real-time marketing by Specsavers. This tweet happened after the Italy vs Uruguay football match, right when the target audience was talking about this. It is clear that a timely tweet on the topic relevant to the target delivered at the right time – i.e. real-time marketing – can help brands to be both part of the customer’s life, enhancing their brand attachment and generate a ripple effect thanks to retweets.

Post written by Federica Campana in collaboration with Deborah De Biase