Real-time marketing is worth investing in

Have you ever wondered how to increase your profits by improving the relationship with your customers?

That’s possible, let’s see how…


  Real-time marketing helps companies to be part of the lives of their customers by creating content consistent with the events interesting for the target audience. A great example of usage of this technique is from the British division of COCA COLA for the birth of the royal baby. This Twitter post allowed them to portray their brand as human, associating it with the most beloved British family and the family event that was creating so much interest in the UK target consumers.



Among the other brands that created content related to the birth of Prince George, the Pampers’ video ad stands out and counts 1,723,152 views as a concrete result of reach of a large audience interested in the topic.



Another example of real-time marketing related to Prince George’s birth.


Brands deciding to develop a good response to an event engaging their target audience might not be able to track results on sales directly as it is hard to know what triggered a purchase behaviour in the mind of the customer.

However, it is logical to assume that if a real-time marketing campaign had a great impact in terms of retweets and mentions on social media, then it is able to enhance the brand image and recall rate of a company, which would more likely lead to a purchase. Indeed according to the 2015 Wayin Real-Time Marketing Report, the 78% of the brands that developed some kind of real-time marketing content had a ROI of at least the 50%.


digiorno pizza

An example of the amazing results that companies can achieve through a well thought-out real-time marketing campaign is the tweet of DiGiorno Pizza during the Super Bowl. The followers of the brand rocketed from 55,000 to 1.1 million during the game and the post has been retweeted 15,000 times! An impressive result that undoubtedly led to an increase in the purchase intention of the customers as well as creating brand awareness and attracting new potential consumers!

Good job DiGiorno Pizza!


Moreover, this is a ground-breaking strategy and just a low percentage of brands have the skills to develop relevant real-time content.

This means that real-time marketing can create a competitive advantage.

Do you want to take advantage of this opportunity?

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By Federica Campana in collaboration with Deborah De Biase