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Why AI innovation is for small businesses

Interest in AI is growing because it helps people to hand off their mundane work to machines. For entrepreneurs this means having more hours to spend in human added-value activities to grow their businesses. But, if you think that AI innovation is only for large brands you are wr... read more »

The way we think about social media marketing is broken

It is clear to everybody that you would not explain how babies are born the same way to a 3 years old and to a teenager…. Are brands able to speak differently to different customers?   Brands have been crafting their products and advertisements to specific target audiences, ... read more »

Real-time marketing is worth investing in

Have you ever wondered how to increase your profits by improving the relationship with your customers? That’s possible, let’s see how…     Real-time marketing helps companies to be part of the lives of their customers by creating content consistent with the events interesting for... read more »

3 tips for a winning content marketing strategy

Content marketing is acknowledged as one of the most powerful marketing techniques to attract a brand’s target audience. Despite its many benefits, according to the CMI, only 42% of firms believe they have a good content marketing strategy. 1. Be their friend, not their seller.  ... read more »

Will Italian Open 2016 overtake last year results?

The Italian Open 2016 has just finished and we really hope that it equalled and overtook the success of the previous year that clearly emerged from the study commissioned by the Federazione Italiana Tennis (FIT) and Coni to Ernst and Young and LUISS research centre X.ITE (X.Insig... read more »