5 tips for successful Influencers’ Engagement

Influencer Marketing is the activity of leveraging on influential people to spread the brand voice over social media and beyond. The influencers have the great advantage to have a loyal audience that trusts their opinions, ideas on specific topics and is therefore sensitive to th... read more »

Ep.3 How influencers impact Twitter communities

In the last episode of our series “Twitter Influence dynamics: an almost exact science”, we described Twitter communities as groups of people aggregated around a topic of interest. We talked about active users who produce content for the remaining interested and silent majority. ... read more »

Ep.2 Twitter communities are based on respect and trust

In the first episode of our series “Twitter Influence dynamics: an almost exact science” we talked about VIPs on Twitter leveraged as influencers, how much appealing they are, but at the same time how hardly they can effectively help your brand. In this second episode... read more »

Ep.1 Why VIPs don’t work as influencers

Twitter Influence dynamics: an almost exact science This is the first of a series of posts analysing in depth the mechanisms and behaviours going on between influencers and their audiences on Twitter. In the first episodes we are going to describe the world we are talking about, ... read more »

Top 10 usage scenarios of Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing is a current buzzword in digital marketing practices. A lot of people say that engaging influencers in their marketing activities is a must-have, but what are the applications of an Influence Marketing strategy? There are many applications where the influencer... read more »